Two of the most common concerns for people who wish to visit Turkey for dental operations is price and operation variety. Periodonta offers implants, veneers at affordible prices and we highly recommend them to anyone planning on visiting Turkey for dental operations

Queen of Quality®

Jersey cows naturally produce milk with high amounts of protein and calcium, making delicious and nutritious products for you and your family. Look for the Queen of Quality® trademark on 100% Jersey milk products from producers across the country.

  • Queen Of Quality Products
  • Queen Of Quality Products
  • Queen Of Quality Products
  • Queen Of Quality Products

Did you know?

Jersey milk averages 13% more protein and 16% more calcium than average milk, resulting in a richer-tasting, more nutritious product. The smaller body size of the Jersey cow and their nutrient-dense milk also makes the Jersey more sustainable for cheese production. The Queen of Quality® and All-Jersey® trademarks identify Jersey milk products across the United States.

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